The Ranches actively seeks Christian married couples to serve as House Parents and Associate House Parents. House Parents live in a 3-bedroom apartment attached to a cottage and are responsible for the day to day care of up to 10 children. Associate House Parents live in an apartment or house on campus and assist the House Parents with the management of a cottage as well as other duties around our 2200-acre campus.


Married couples desiring the position of HP/AHP must be 23 years old or older, married a minimum of two years, and have no more than two children currently living with them. House Parents and Associate House Parents are expected to model healthy behaviors, morals and values, and be willing to work with youth from troubled backgrounds. Applicants should also have a lifelong commitment to learning new skills and, if hired, will be required to participate in ongoing residential group care training provided by The Ranches. Compensation includes salary, room and board, medical coverage, life insurance and four weeks of vacation per year. Housing arrangements vary, but generally consist of two or three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. A maximum of two pets are allowed and require a pet deposit.


We are looking for married couples who are willing to relocate to our facilities in New Mexico and are willing to:

  • Maintain a cottage atmosphere of organization and planning in managing daily activities
  • Provide an example of and teach residents basic skills such as room organization, cleaning, work-ethic, punctuality, recreational activities, manners, cooking, laundry and clothing care, time management, communication skills, relationship building, conflict resolution, financial management, etc.
  • Assist with educational skills as needed
  • Maintain a schedule for routine medications as needed
  • Assist residents with minor illnesses or injuries
  • Attend church activities with the residents and answer spiritual questions as they arise
  • Transport residents to activities or appointments as assigned
  • Supervise residents in the cottage, on campus, on activities away from the Ranch or in any situation involving the residents when House Parents are on duty
  • Supervise cottage projects and vo-tech projects
  • Communicate concerns to Team Coordinators, Counselors and Administration as needed
  • Maintain electronic reports daily when on duty
  • Maintain minor repairs and upkeep in the cottage and staff quarters and on assigned vehicles and equipment
  • Coach residents in life skills, including self-care, hygiene, cleanliness, organization, communication, problem solving, etc.
  • Use common-sense coaching techniques to encourage residents in behavioral and relationship improvements
  • Utilize communication skills designed to both hear and speak in ways that provide effective interactions with peers, staff, family members and visitors
  • Attend training and utilize training skills in working with residents
  • Participate in formal resident assessments, and provide accurate and helpful information to the staff and family members about the resident’s activities and interactions with others
  • Provide hospitality to campus visitors as assigned
  • Provide care and protection for assigned equipment
  • Complete other duties as assigned

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Heath Kull - President of The Ranches

Meet Our President

Heath Kull – President of The Ranches. Heath was born while his parents were living at The Ranches in 1973. He grew up watching and learning about the organization and determined in 1998 that he wanted to assist with helping the organization succeed. His first involvement was through technology. He was able to completely revise the communications system to provide The Ranches with a system that significantly reduced costs and improved interactions between staff. He eventually became involved in the day-to-day operations and became Vice President for Programs.