SPRING CORRAL 2022 – What, Honestly, Would Jesus Do?

As someone who somewhat deftly survived the late 80s and early 90s and the onslaught of WWJD bracelets, bumper stickers and t-shirts, the question of what our Lord and Savior would do has come up a time or two with me.

Interestingly, I am more confident in what Jesus would do with lepers and blind folks and those that had recently, but unfortunately, passed away than I am with how he would deal with the kids and the staff at The Ranches. To be fair, most of the kids and staff are hardworking and honest and either looking to help or to be helped. None are lepers and none have recently passed away. All of the kids and some of the staff though, are in need of healing and to be loved as Christ loved us. But, I still struggle to always know what I should do in scenarios that are a little bit on the outskirts of simple. What do I mean by that? Glad you asked. I struggle with those outliers within The Ranches who are…

Mixed Messengers – As a country and within our small culture here, mixed messages are a way of life. You can want to ban guns, but not abortion. You can take Christ out of school because it can be seen as indoctrination and it violates the role and relationship of parents, but you can’t teach educators not to talk about sexuality because it can be seen as indoctrination, and it violates the role and relationship of parents. Within The Ranches, there are also the mixed messages like, stand up for yourself but don’t stand up to me.

Or, you have to respect me no matter how disrespectful I may be to you. While Christ had very clear messages, I often wonder how to maintain my patience with mixed messages and am fascinated by how Jesus would deal with them more effectively than I have been able to…

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Heath Kull – President

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