Monday – Motivation


A little growth + a little motivation = a little growtivation.

In my continuing quest to provide regular tidbits of information related to working with other people’s children, I will be talking about conflict today.

Our societal view of conflict

Our societal view of conflict has become rather binary and you are either conflict avoidant or conflict oriented. This is a false duality. No one who is truly conflict avoidant comes to work with children…especially when there are jobs that require almost no conflict. The more relevant duality is actually coward or courageous. Those that become great at this tend to not fear conflict but engage in conflict consistently – both in what causes them to engage and how they engage – with kids. If you don’t know what will cause you to engage in conflict, and you have no defined set of rules for how you engage in conflict, this job can be quite a burden.

Engaging Monday

As you engage your Monday, I encourage you to note the things that will almost always cause you to stand up (courageously) to the person who does them. I also encourage you to figure out your rules for conflict.

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