What Divides Us? -Podcast Episode 73

What divides us? A lot of families are trying to deal with the differences that [...]

50 Years of Service

Mike & Nikki Kull – Celebrating 50 years of service, interviewed by Gary White Meet [...]

What Will Our Kids Remember About Quarantine?

We all have memories from distinctive times in our past. Every family goes through things. [...]

The Fringe – Podcast Episode 71

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Control – Podcast Episode 70

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Stay at Home – Podcast Episode 69

It’s important that we as parents recognize our obligation to our children at this time. [...]

The Emotional Forecast

The emotional forecast and our current situation. Our current situation has allowed for a significant [...]

“What kinds of kids end up at The Ranches?”

I’ve been answering these questions my entire life and with good reason. It is hard [...]

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

..but when is acceptable to seek to be understood? (If you’re in the (TL;RL) crowd [...]

Accountability – Podcast Episode 68

For children to become responsible adults we need to teach them proper accountability. If we [...]