Are You Teaching Your Kids to Lie? – Podcast Episode 77

Does your family lie? We all lie. It’s pretty common to have little white lies [...]

Back to School… Kinda

Back To School: Letter from Heath Kull, President This year has been anything but normal. [...]

How Do You Deal With Difficult People? – Podcast Episode 76

Difficult People We all have difficult people in our lives. How our children deal with [...]

Art Room

If you looked at the Art Room in February, then walked in now, you would [...]

Literature Class

Literature class holds great value. I have always loved books. It didn’t matter what the [...]

What Does Your Family Worship? – Podcast Episode 75

Family Worship is the object of our exploration on this episode of Raise Them Up [...]

Emotional Weather

The Emotional Weather That We Create “I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am [...]

It Starts at Home – Podcast Episode 74

If the one thing you can do for your child is always make life a [...]

Summer 2020 Corral

Letter From The President Given the coverage and information related to world events that can [...]

Mixing Politics with Anything Gives You Politics

Mixing Politics with Anything Gives You Politics. As someone that I respect recently said, “I [...]