Art Room

art room

If you looked at the Art Room in February, then walked in now, you would not recognize the area you just stepped into. Where splatters of paint and dried clay caked the walls now is a light sky-blue color that is instantly calming. Where shelves stood that were falling apart and storing old items, there are aprons hung, construction paper organized, and paint brushes in little cups ready to be used. The tables are wrapped in paper so as much paint and clay can be used without a worry. Even better was the residents being able to assist in completely changing a room. The pride that the kids felt when they remembered what the room started off looking like was great to see. Better still was hearing them singing country songs while watching them apply that sky-blue coat on the messy white walls.

Along with the remodel of the room, residents have been able to participate in weekly art classes once again. Residents will use many different mediums from crayons to watercolor paints. The excitement of having some time away from normal day to day classes to create something colorful has been incredibly beneficial and has been something the residents enjoy doing. It has been amazing to see the hidden talents some of the residents have when they can put a pencil on sketch paper or move paint around a canvas with ease. Providing a room to express oneself is rewarding beyond words.

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