Literature Class

Literature Class

Literature class holds great value. I have always loved books. It didn’t matter what the book was, I could find a way to love it. Literature was always a way to escape reality for a moment and it was something that would always be needed.

Upon returning to The Ranches, this time as a staff member assisting
in the classroom, the first thing I noticed were reading skills were not as high as I would have liked them to be. That is when we decided to develop a literature class for the residents.

The books tackled were A Wrinkle in Time and Fahrenheit 451; Two
classic books that I hoped would spark an interest. For an hour a week,
residents get together, and we read. We talk about the characters we meet;
we talk about the different worlds they have been introduced to, and we
stumble over tricky words together until we get them right. It has been a
pleasure to hear the residents stumble over fewer words and find excitement in flipping the page.

By MJ Olivares

Would you like to help our literature class? You can designate your generous gift to recreational reading books for kids. Click here to donate.

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