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Just Who I Am – Podcast Episode 34

I am amazed at how often I hear this from kids and adults today. When [...]

Are You a Good Listener – Podcast Episode 32

Are you a good listener? I am not. While I am good at processing and [...]

Avoid Conflict

I saw this picture and it really struck a chord with me. (‘If you avoid [...]

You Don’t Understand!

– Cottage Training In my time at The Ranches, I cannot possibly count the number [...]

Change…the little things – Podcast Episode 30

Change…the little things…like making the bed! I work with a lot of kids and families [...]

Son of a Helper

I’m the son of a helper. Son of helpers to be more accurate. Let me [...]

Emotions and Morality

Growing up on a ranch meant that I was raised with a certain amount of [...]

Signs of Weakness – Podcast Episode 27

First and foremost, this isn’t for “alpha males” or “dudebros”. This is about why masculinity [...]

Hating Anger? For The Holidays?

This time of year is always filled with a little hope, a little cheer, a [...]

Conflict Avoidance

I think that it is safe to say that every child that comes to The [...]