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Giving the Kids the Room to Grow

by Heath Kull Teaching the “Fruits of Your Labor” Last spring, we set about teaching [...]

Friday – Dang, Y’all Can Be Mean

I realize that my alliteration is off but all the F words seemed inappropriate.  I [...]

Tuesday – Extra Tremulous Trepidation

Honesty, Anger, and Emotional Honesty It’s a natural part of being human to feel a [...]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Remembering Your Roots With only a few exceptions, almost all of us can look back [...]

Monday – Managing Our Hidden Biases

Everyday Biases Even though today represents a very important (and historically significant) day to reflect [...]

Back to School… Kinda

Back To School: Letter from Heath Kull, President This year has been anything but normal. [...]

Emotional Weather

The Emotional Weather That We Create “I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am [...]

Summer 2020 Corral

Letter From The President Given the coverage and information related to world events that can [...]

Mixing Politics with Anything Gives You Politics

Mixing Politics with Anything Gives You Politics. As someone that I respect recently said, “I [...]

What Will Our Kids Remember About Quarantine?

We all have memories from distinctive times in our past. Every family goes through things. [...]