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Wednesday Thoughts

Remembering Your Roots

With only a few exceptions, almost all of us can look back on our first few weeks and months at The Ranches and remember our own feelings about being here. Unfortunately, I am one of the few exceptions, so I don’t quite recall my first weeks at The Ranches. 

Making Necessary Adjustments…

I do, however, have a lengthy history of watching people adjust to life at The Ranches. 

What I have learned about the process, over the years I have been involved, is simply yet consistently true. 

Those that reach out to others – particularly leadership –  when they feel stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity, overwhelm, anger or desperation, tend to do really well and form meaningful and beneficial relationships with leadership and others. 

On the other hand, those that turn inwards – processing without interruption, challenge, or a different perspective, or taking in the past experiences of others, tend to have a much more difficult, challenging and (often) shorter stay with us. 

Bringing It All From “Down Bottom” To “Up Top” Again

This job isn’t one that just anyone can do and almost no one can do it well without support, conversation, and accountability. Heck, most of us need someone to pull us off of our own emotional ledges, someone to remind us that it isn’t as bad as we’re telling ourselves and keep us seeing the bigger picture. Your ability to be honest and also vulnerable, while reaching out in the low and hard times, defines your heights of success with the least of these. 

Heath Kull

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