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Friday Focus

I’ve not met too many kids who care about our politics. They do, however, tend to judge us by our principles. Have you identified your principles and do you live them out in ways that everyone can see? The first part is actually the important part as we all live out our principles all of the time. But, when we can identify our principles and communicate them, the kids can learn how to seek out, copy, research, adopt and live out their own set of principles in their lives.


We all have a positive and a negative list of principles. While hard work is a positive principle, letting go of the annoying or hurtful behavior of others without actual forgiveness can lead to resentment. It’s negative principle disguised as a positive one. Similarly, “I must control the situation so as to keep everyone safe” is a bit misleading. The principle at play is actually “my safety comes first” and control of every situation and person in my life is the means to living out the safety principle.


Once you identify, solidify and communicate your principles, the only part that politics plays is kids (and others) judging to see if your principles and your politics match. Those that are most successful at raising other people’s children never actually have a need to discuss politics with kids. They are too busy living out their principles.
Honesty, authenticity, courage, competence, forgiveness, most anger is caused by unmet needs and be for others what you need(ed) are some of my more positive principles.

Never disengage first, never show weakness

Never disengage first, never show weakness, “or what”, “where does your authority to control or tell me what to do come from”, and control of others is manipulation and based on fear and insecurity, are some of the negative principles that I also display. I live these and others out every day. For me, my politics have to match my positive list and not trip over my negative list in order for me to be comfortable.
I encourage each of you to identify your principles.

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