Dear Friends,

This year has brought many trials and tribulations for not only us here at The Ranches but for many
others as well. With everything that has happened this year, we are especially thankful for a holiday
season that serves as a reminder to draw close to our loved ones and spend quality time with those who matter most to us and we hope that you are able to do the same. In the spirit of the Christmas season, we are taking some time to reflect on our year and what we have been blessed with.

In this past year, we have been able to begin construction on our newest addition, Beaty Cottage, and
have watched as something new is added each day. In many ways, the progress on the cottage reflects the progress that the kids in our program go through.

In the same timeframe, we have had a multitude of kids come through our program and like Beaty
Cottage, the small changes made along the way might not be noticeable but the overall changes that
they make during their stay are awe inspiring and their courage to choose a different path for their lives is admirable. While they may not see the importance of what they are learning now, we have hopefully set them up to have a successful life where they understand the importance of integrity, honesty, hard work, and determination. I truly believe that if they are able to take these lessons from our program, they will be able to accomplish great things as they move forward with their lives.

Just as Beaty Cottage will impact The Ranches and at-risk youth for decades to come, the choices and changes the residents make today will impact their lives moving forward. This holiday season is one we will never forget both for the trials and tribulations but also for the joyous future ahead. All of these blessings have come from generous donors like you who have been willing to support our mission and give generously towards the betterment of these kids, changing the course of their lives forever.

If you would like to donate to help rekindle hope for at-risk youth, every donation through this appeal will go towards providing for the daily needs of the Ranch’s residents.

We thank you for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Mikela Kull – Interim President


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