Dear friends,

There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving at The Ranches!

This year has brought a significant level of prosperity that we weren’t exactly prepared for but aren’t exactly willing or able to shy away from.

As many of you know, I am not the Kull that a lot of you started your relationship with The Ranches engaging. For most of you, that would be my parents and I try to honor their time while also honoring the role that has been thrust upon me that was made necessary by their retirement.

With the job comes the necessity to build a vision for the future of The Ranches and to work to make that vision a reality. The funny thing about visions though is that they tend to be hard to visualize. So, we’ve included some visual aids so that the vision can hopefully come into focus for what we are planning.

Thanks to a generous donor who passed away and left The Ranches a sizable gift, we are preparing to build The Beaty Cottage at The Ranches main campus in Veguita, NM.

This state-of-the-art cottage will allow us to care for 8 – 12 additional kids and will allow for us to care for them with the lessons of the past 80 years built into the cottage where they will live.

As with most things these days, it is expensive to build, and we are working to lock in estimates and nail down costs of this project. It is the first new building at our main campus since 1984 and will stand as a model built on all that we have learned between then and now. Now, before you start thinking that we are only looking for big dollar donations, buildings of this kind are always built one brick  – or in this case 2×4 – at a time. Gifts of any size will add up to one fine cottage if we can get enough of them put together for this worthy project.

If you would like to support this project, we would love to have your help in building The Beaty Cottage. Please take a moment to look over the pictures and plans and consider designating your gift to building a new home for children who are desperately in need of hope and don’t yet realize that they deserve a shot at a brighter tomorrow.



Heath Kull – President

Your Support Will Make All The Difference!

Not sure where your donations are best served? Please reach out to us and we’ll guide you to the area most in need.Keep up to date with The Ranches by following us on Facebook, TikTok, or on Instagram.