Dear Friends,


Hello, it’s me again. We’re heading into Summer at The Ranches and will soon be maneuvering through the intricacies of the 4-H season that fills the longer days with just a bit more to do and a whole lot more animals to tend to. We are also getting ready to break ground on the Beaty Cottage, allowing us to expand our capacity from 38 to 48 kids. We have truly been blessed, but more about that further down the page.


But, as a donor recently reminded me, “Don’t ask me for my next donation if you can’t tell me how my last donation was used and how it helped the kids.”


I have asked y’all to support several things here at The Ranches, and y’all showed up big in support of those projects.


Over the past couple of years, y’all helped us build the Agape Indoor Arena to give us a place for healing and Equine Coaching, and you helped us get a truck for our Ranchworx Trades program. You also helped us get a new computer network for our kids to access school and, to address our most pressing need, allowed us to repair and modernize our walk-in-freezer, where we store a lot of the food needed to keep the kids well-nourished. And that’s on top of sending the kids on a National Parks Trip, helping us purchase a commercial-grade riding lawn mower, and giving us the means to buy a “side by side” UTV. Helping us with maintenance on our campus water system, and generally helped a group of kids who are used to the leftovers get to see the correct way to utilize and care for nice but new things. In the ever-present quest to help kids to see themselves and their situations differently, knowing that they are worth your time, your donations and your consideration is perhaps the most powerful statement we can offer them.


So, from me to you, “Thank You” from the bottom of all our hearts here at The Ranches.


Next up on the list of things meant to help, “…the least of these” is the furniture for our new Beaty Cottage. From bed frames to sofas to a rather large dining room table, we need it all. A generous donor has already pledged $10,000 to start us off, and we appreciate them for it. If you’d like to help us again and furniture fits your funding fancy, this one’s for you.



Heath Kull – President


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