Dear Friends,


Hi! It’s me again.


To be honest, I love my job, but I tend to love this part – the constant demands of fundraising – the least. Thankfully, y’all are a great group to write to and you tend to respond generously and routinely. A couple of our most generous donors have dedicated $20,000 to help us to provide a refreshing of our school building that we utilize to educate our kiddos.  This allows us to double your gift in support of this project. $40,000 is the monetary goal, but a better educational environment for the kids is the end goal.


While it sounds fairly simple, the reality is that educating kids in different grades and with different skills and concentration levels can be a bit more anxiety inducing. The classrooms get a lot of use and the furniture takes its fair share of use in service of the education of kids who haven’t always felt smart enough or good enough for a quality education.


Interestingly, the kids that we serve are often quite intelligent, but a bit disenfranchised due to their experiences with the education prior to coming to The Ranches. What may seem like a fresh coat of paint and some new desks and workspace dividers to you, often represents the difference between being able to focus and being distracted by every noise and peer nearby.


While we haven’t always been in a position to offer the latest and greatest seating arrangements for “at risk” kids, these modifications can easily be integrated into this project in pursuit of better educational outcomes for underserved kids.


We’ll be happy to update you as we complete this project and I am always interested in hearing from you with ideas and feedback on all that we send out.



Heath Kull – President

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