Winter Corral 2023: Accountability Without Self Awareness


 “You gotta resurrect the deep pain within you and give it a place to live that’s not within your body. 

Let it live in art. Let it live in writing. Let it live in music. Let it be devoured by building brighter connections. 

Your body is not a coffin for pain to be buried in. Put it somewhere else.” ~ Ehime Era 


While some of you may appreciate the quote and some may prefer your quotes to come only through inspiration from above, I still believe, as the song says, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” Therefore, the origin of the quote is less relevant to me than the corresponding truth within it. 

Since we’re on the subject of truth, another truth is that we often prefer our young people to be seen rather than heard. While I understand it, I just don’t see any significant or positive outcomes from allowing children to suffer in silence.

 As a result, I work to make this quote a reality all of the time; for me and for the kids who have had their life turned upside down to the point of needing to be at The Ranches. 

But what does, “…resurrecting the deep pain within you…” actually look like? 

For many kids at The Ranches…

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Heath Kull – President

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